Craig returned my call right away, provided a free site visit and quote within days and completed the work in a timely manner. We were very satisfied with the final product and would recommend Craig and his staff to anyone.

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Company Response

Hi Lorry,
The Manitoba maple tree in the backyard has been reborn!
The lower branches which were broken and stubbed have all been trimmed away. The overhanging branches which were growing over your neighbour garage and threatening the garden area have been removed. We cleared out the center of the tree to remove water-sprout (sucker) growth and rubbing and duplicate branches. This will provide a much improved airflow through the tree which will help it resist strong wind gusts, and prevent limbs fron breaking.
It was a good idea to cut back the branches which were growing over the children's swing-set and the long heavy branches growing over the deck towards the house. Overall, the tree is much healthier and safer to be underneath.
Your neighbor was very pleased with our work also and has hired us to prune their trees as well.
Thank you for the job and taking the time to write a review.
Please be assured that anyone you send our way, will be treated well also. We're at the other end of the phone when the tree needs pruning again. Take care, all the best, Craig.