Entrusted them with six rugs, 5 Oriental and one Indian. 4 of 6 were returned damaged or ruined. Company claimed that’s how they were received. Absolutely not! They suggested they would try and remedy by taking them back. Who in their right mind would trust them a second time. Requested a refund for the 4 damaged/ruined and was told ‘absolutely not.’ So much for ‘customer service!’ Have never posted a negative review before, this is a first and very unfortunate especially with a company that has been around a long time a consistently suggests they have a fine reputation. Stay away.

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Company Response

Hi Johnson in Montreal, we are sorry to read about your experience with us. We identified your order and would like to clarify that yes, you sent in six pieces, however the rug types are actually as follows: one hand-knotted Oriental, one Indian tufted and four machine made (wool). We revisited our inspection photographs (taken upon inspection and prior to any services rendered) and can confirm that four arrived with some or all of the following issues: moth damage, live larva, colour damage, colour dye bleed, water damage and matting - it sounds like these are the four rugs you are unhappy with. The remaining two (Oriental and a 5' x 8' machine made wool) did not have the extensive and pre-existing damage and from what we understand, you are satisfied with our services on these.

While your rugs were in our care, we spoke by phone and you'll recall informing us that your rugs were in storage for some time and you actually couldn’t remember what they looked like. Our offer to share our inspection photographs with you still stands. You are correct that we missed the opportunity to offer an extra repair service (loose thread on binding per your email) and offered to repair it at no charge. Normally we discuss all extra services and charges prior to delivery, in this case our technician only discussed your moth issues, water/colour damage and overlooked the repair job. We apologize and would like to confirm that our offer to repair at no charge with free pick up and delivery still stands.

We cannot justify a full refund on the four rugs with pre-existing damage, because we are not responsible for the pre-existing damage. Your rugs were returned to you clean, sanitized and moth-treated. They were much improved compared to the condition they were in upon arrival – and compared to our inspection photographs. Unfortunately, we cannot reverse water damage or moth damage unless you are interested in extensive and costly repair work, however we would never recommend this expense for machine-made rugs.