Dr. Handyman is a company that deals with very small projects. They got ambitious with our project and did a horrible job and took a lot of time. They came in at 11am to start everyday and complained when we had to lock up the office by 5pm. We understand that our office might have been farther than they wished, but then why take on the project? When the quality of their work was questioned, they responded with "if we knew the quality you wanted, we would have charged more". The price was still significantly high, plus quality of a job should not change based off of initial quote. Overall, we ended up hiring a seperate contractor to come and finish the project. One person compared to the 4 they had, who finished everything in 3 days. See pictures attached.

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Company Response

I like how you wrote the one and only review that you ever posted on Homestars is about us.
You do remember that there were multiple other jobs we did for you and your approval of job well done is in our emails exchanged!!!

Now, lets talk about the door!!
You FAIL to inform the readers in your review, that not only you ordered the door in a wrong size but also decided to have it installed in a different opening that we had agreed on.
Your text, "asking me to cut the door by 1.5", is still in my phone, you know.!! As is my refusal to cut a fire rated door and how it cannot be cut by law, and on top of that, you asking for it to be installed in a "different opening", etc etc etc.

You are upset because your boss found out about the mistake you made, but I guess you felt better by using us as scape goats, by blaming us???
You post pictures at middle of the job instead of how they looked at the end, with all the difficulties we faced!!!
Being Honest and Sincere goes much further than being vengeful and deceiving others.
Thanks so much for your kindness and honest review!!!
KC Owraki

btw, if our price was significantly higher and the job we did for you was so bad, why did hire us to begin with and or why didn't you stop us at the middle of our work and fire us? This should seriously make one wonder🤔