I wanted to do the attic insulation and replace my old furnace. So, I decided to call the Nationwide Energy Advisor to claim rebate. Suresh came in for house inspection. He was very prompt in taking money from me as a charge of home inspection. Suresh immediately agreed to send someone for attic insulation. He sent Frank from Mr. Home Services. The guys did the worst insulation ever. As a result, my house caught mold. I called Suresh who sent the same guys back. They came in and redid the insulation. However, they didn't like to come back, so decided to puncture my car tires instead. I will never ever recommend them to anybody. Secondly, Suresh never did any tests and sent me a detailed report of my house. I decided to install my furnace with someone else instead. After the installation, Suresh came, took the money for final inspection and submitted the report to the government for my rebate.

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