The negative reviews on this company reflect my experience exactly. I hired Kitchen & Bath to renovate the kitchen and bathroom in my condo (1970s vintage). Initially, things started out pretty well. Narges was helpful with the design, and helped me make good choices for materials. When Amir came to do the measurements, he answered my questions carefully. He offered some great suggestions about features I hadn't considered. And then the wheels fell off. Demolition began in October. I had been warned that it would be 3-4 weeks before the cabinetry was ready, but aside from reminders about when payments were due, it was really hard to get information on the progress of the work. It seems to me that the only time progress was made was when I complained. When my sister had extensive renovations done to her 3,000 square foot home, there was a crew in her house every day for three weeks. Communication was abysmally bad. A payment schedule was delivered very quickly, but a project plan? Never, despite my frequent requests for one. I promised my flooring contractor a week of advanced notice so that he could do the kitchen floor. We were given two days' notice. Elevators are to be booked in advance (there are several other owners in my building doing renovations), but workers showed up either late or with nothing booked. This is an inconvenience to other residents and service providers, and a poor reflection on me as a neighbour. When installing the sink in the kitchen, they caused damage to my neighbour's plumbing. I finally convinced them to go have a look - the owner of the unit was told "We'll be back in a couple of days". Weeks later - nothing. I also had a small flood one evening after the work began on the bathroom. Thank goodness I was home at the time! Only after I posted a negative review here did my concerns begin to be taken seriously. The original project manager disappeared, and Amir took over the final weeks of the project. At our deficiencies walk through, Amir found a number of errors and omissions - I respected that. But I still had to remind them to finish picking up construction garbage. So far, I'm happy with how things look, but I can't help but wonder what things are going to break. This was a very disappointing project.

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Company Response

Hi Wendy

Thank you for your review.

It is unfortunate that things did not plan as you had expected at the beginning. As you know doing a renovation is quite complex and many things may go wrong at the beginning, however as you witness we stood by you every step of the way and ensured everything comes to your complete satisfaction by the end of the project.

We are very happy you like the final look and happy with the final result

We wish you and your family many years of joy and happiness in your newly renovated home.

All the best