I purchased a window cleaning deal through Groupon 10 months ago. ``Do not go near this company`` 3 times they have scheduled appointments and have not shown up, no cancellation notice, no follow up with an apology or excuse. Not even a follow up to reschedule, I believe if I hadn`t inquired about rescheduling I would have never heard from them again. They ask for a debit transaction for additional expenses prior to the work being done.Be aware!!!!!!!! They do not communicate through phone which should already raise the flag. I did not trust paying through debit so I wasted 3 days waiting with no shows. My best advice stay away from any MGS business!!!!!!!!

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I interviewed 6 company's before settling on Easy Access Garage Doors. The workmanship and service received by Chris were "Excellent". This is my first review on Homestars and I felt it was the best way I could show Chris my true appreciation. Approx. 6 months after Chris did my installation my young son hit some combination of buttons on my garage door panel and locked the garage door from opening. I called Chris( I bought the garage door openers from another company before I met Chris) and he laid out what I should do and finished with if I could not fix the problem(it was an easy fix)that he would drop by later and take care of it for me no charge. It is very rare to find business owners today that take such pride in their work and sincerely value their customers satisfaction. I would highly recommend Chris for any related garage door/ opener purchases.

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