This is a followup to the review I gave below. We had our roof installed in April 2019. We were quite happy with the install. However, there were about 6 pieces of trim that needed to be re-worked so the seams were aligned properly. No worries. I would call and have Green Metal fix it at their leisure. I'm a very reasonable person and get along well with people. After several emails and the assurance it would be fixed we now find ourselves in December and a roof full of snow. When I called to see about the "service status" the response I received was "we can't do anything because if we need to access the roof and it has snow on it .....". I guess if the re-work was completed sometime between April and November, snow would not be an issue. I find it very frustrating the number of Companies that are willing to sell you a product but service after the sale is asking too much. Makes me worry about the service I would receive should a leak appear. I guess it's all about the sale. In the months since the install, the many passers-by who have asked about my roof were given favourable feedback. Future inquiries about my roof will be warned about the poor service I have received. ******************************************************************** We had several companies quote on a steel roof for our home. The Sales Rep came to our home and did an excellent job explaining their product and the install process. Work was completed as scheduled. The installers did an excellent job, were very professional and kept the job site (my yard) very neat and tidy during the entire installation process. After much research, we chose Green Metal Roofing because we felt their product was far superior to other steel roof companies. Their customer service was good with the Sales Rep watching the entire project through to completion. Green Metal Roofing provides excellent value. I strongly recommend this company.

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We had a complete trough and down spout install along with trough covers. Initially the install looked good, but .... Our install was completed in April 2019. I like to complete a review when I have had the opportunity to fully evaluate a product. So why such a low rating? Firstly, although the troughs look straight when looking at them from the street/front of house, if you look at the troughs along their length, there are quite a few "wows". It almost seems like a few more hangers should have been used since I can see sections of the trough that are wider. So what I see along the length of my trough is a wide, narrow, wide, narrow etc. profile. Secondly, we have three corners that leak water. One is up on the upper level and drips onto the lower level roof and two on the lower level that drip on the ground around my house. I have a steel roof on my house. Although the trough covers have done an excellent job on keeping debris out from my gutters, on heavy rainfalls I have water that flows so quickly across the covers that it shoots off the roof and onto the ground around my house. One such area is at the front of the house in front of garage door where the door open keypad resides. I also thought the install crew could have done a better job on the area cleanup as I did find a significant amount of screws and gutter trimmings on the ground around my house. The other problem I find with the trough covers is they seem to freeze over and water draining from the roof washes over the frozen cover leaving me with icicles on all my troughs. Based on my experience I can't recommend this company to others. **** EDIT *** No resolution from Wayner Trough even though their response to my review was " We would like the opportunity to discuss your concerns further and will be reaching out. Looking forward to a resolution." I have since (Oct 2020) had another company come in and correct all of Wayner's errors. This new company pointed out all of the errors made by Wayner - not using enough hangers, warped and wowed trough lengths, not using pre-made corners, leaking corners, poor slope on troughs causing water pooling, overall poor install. Once again, if you are looking to use Wayner, I strongly suggest you visit a completed job site and look at their work quality. Stay away is my recommendation.

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Thank you for taking the time to write the review. We value all types of feedback and use it to continually improve and audit our service protocols including delivery and experience. We would like the opportunity to discuss your concerns further and will be reaching out. Looking forward to a resolution.