Highly recommended, Thomas and Johnny did a very professional job on installing my hot water tank and then diagnosed and fixed a problem with my Kitchen faucet / water pressure that 3 other plumbers had missed resulting in my having to change 2 faucets in 2 years. Great guys as well and a real pleasure to deal with.

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Good people......but ultimately disappointing. Professional likable people, worked quickly, for the most part did a good job but reluctance or inability to fix problems to a satisfactory conclusion. While painting the walls one of the painters touched their roller to the ceiling causing a darker patch....I was surprised that this was not brought to my attention on the walk thru at the end of the day and I contacted the company.....Garret and Amanda both came by to try to fix the error but it ended up looking a leak stain...Company offered to repaint the ceiling which was the end the job the painter brought to my attention to the paler patches around the fixtures (lights, sprinkler etc) and also the borders around the wall...said that once dry they would match...however you can still clearly see the (paler) patches in natural light. I want to put my place on the market next year and it's a problem as it looks amateurish. I have reached out twice to the company and have not received a reply....I am either going to have to try to fix it myself or hire someone to blend those sections. I hate to write a less than positive review but the whole point of hiring this company was the convenience of having the work done in a timely hasn't turned out to be convenient and while I appreciate the attempts at rectifying the initial painting error the lack of response to the secondary issue leaves me unable to recommend them as I'm left at the end of the day disappointed.

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