Do not use this company!!!! Would have thought for 350. dollars we were getting professional movers instead 2 guys showed up with our new furniture with no idea how to get furniture through a door way..they couldn't figure out how to tilt furniture to get in..they pushed the sofa on the floor with no feet on it and scratched my floor ...marked up my wall and removed a sensor off our door!!!! an absolute disaster they were..the company has not followed up to resolve these issues!!!!! I want my floor fixed and my money back!!!! DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Company Response

With regards to the above situation , the size of the sofa and the limitations of the doorway to the basement presented a bit of a challenge. Our team spent a considerable amount of time onsite trying their best to deal with the above issues and bring the sofa to where the client requested. The client was contacted the day of the issue by our office and the issue of the floor was discussed initially at that time , no other mention of any other issues were brought up. There has been a bit of a delay in the resolution of this as the company who contracted us to do the delivery is closed for the holiday season and, upon their re-opening, we will be working with both them and the above client to resolve the issue.