The plumber just left, with 567 dollars in his pocket, for fixing a leak. Most of the expense comes from taking time to think, to evaluate, an obvious leak source, easily accessible. After close to an hour he said that the pipes in our house (PVC SCH40) are not standard and might not be available to purchase. Our house was built in 1993, so it came as a surprise, especially since there are more houses around with similar building dates. If he could not find a supplier for these pipes, the plumber said he would have to replace all the piping in our house, to be up to code. He eventually did find a supplier. With his trainee, they drove away and came back with the pipes. Only a few inches length were required, they kept the rest. The total cost: 567 dollars. After the shock, in retrospect, with 1 minute Goggle search using the keywords “Edmonton PVC SCH40”, I found myself that it is readily available in from a retail hardware store in Edmonton Finally, I tried to post my review directly on their website but to no avail. The company first wants to talk on the phone or meet in person. My perspective is that they can address the review itself.

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Hello Yves, we are sorry you feel this way and with all our technicians they are high qualified and will give you other options if they are applicable, we bring forth technicians who are drug tested and background checked, every situation is quite different so we would really appreciate a call back to go over your visit with our technicians, we want all our customers to have a five star experience and what I am hearing this is not the case, contact Client Care Manager Maria and she will get back to 780-426-7704