We hired this contractor to supply and install roofing, the day before they show up they informed us they couldn't supply the materials they offered. We had to supply and again they informed us half way through that there takeoff was inccorect and needed more. Once they finally completed the job, after damaging window screens, creating a dissasterous mess on site, the owner has informed us he can't provide the correct business docuements for his HST and WSIB registration. When we informed him that he was charging us HST he has asked us to pay him cash direct and that he doesn't want to renew his certificates. Ontop his raised the price by over 200%! After continual harrasement and threats against our company and staff members we informed him to only contact us through a legal council so we can arrange his payment correctly. We have reported him to the correct authorities and hope his business is handled correctly.

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This guy is shame in Italian he hired contractors to do job in Pickering hes from. Corrent construction and status construction we did entire job and never getting paid me and 4 contractors hire lawyers to law suit they company to get money any one are welcome to go on job site and look the roof whe did very professional job and on time. Was winter time. Hard to do but we did becareful about thos shame. Italian guys called tino sisca and liam. Buck check they profile on inded they hire ppl to do the job and never paid google they fake company calls status construction and corrent construction we start law suit again them to grab our money wit interest rate job was completed in January since that we never have any money from this shame. Italian brothers my lawyer and justice will resolve wit them. We no have time. To deal wit those fraudulent person we let the lawyers deal wit them fell free too look the job site and check my job overthere


Since design at the beginning their customer service was amazing. They were on time and their installers are polite, clean, and professional. Definitely looking forward to working together in the future.

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