This was my second time using Mohammed's services. The first time, he conducted a thorough inspection and I was lucky to not have any bed bugs. This time, I was not so lucky as my brother had found a bed bug and was being bitten. We made the mistake of trying to fix the issue and threw out the bed. This was a huge mistake because it disrupted their nest. So please do not throw out the infested furniture and instead call a bed bug specialist. This will save you lots of $$ . Mohammed came the same day I called him and found physical evidence to confirm that we did have an infestation. He is honest, very knowledgeable as he is a entomologist and passionate about his work. Throughout the whole process, Mohammed was very patient, open to answer all questions in a timely manner. He conducted his inspection and treatment very thoroughly. Most of all, he provided us with a peace of mind during the whole stressful process and I'm really glad we used his services.

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Thank you for your review! We are very glad we were able to help. Time and time again I tell my customers the danger of of trying to treat a bed bug infestation on your own.

Please visit the following blogposts that address these issues: and

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After researching Home Inspection companies through HomeStars, I decided to go with Clearview Home & Property Inspections based on the high ratings and impressive feedback. My inspector, Tom ,showed up early. He was very approachable, knowledgeable, thorough, professional and patient. I felt very comfortable asking him questions and he also encouraged me to ask questions! Due to Tom's thoroughness, we discovered a potential issue with the foundation and a host of other issues that caused me to back out of the deal. The report itself was clear and easy to understand (simple language). The photos/arrows were very clear and helped to further clarify the issue. When I showed this report to my brother in law, he was equally impressed. I would definitely use this company again in the future.

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I called Akram because I was afraid I had bed bugs. My skin was itchy and I was feeling biting sensations and, creepy crawly skin during the day and night, but did not have the mosquito bite usual markings on my skin. I also knew 2 famiy members that had a recent light and a heavy infestation of it and I did not want to wait for a heavy infestation! He answered my questions patiently and did a thorough inspection of both of the twin mattresses in my room and the dresser by the beds. He confirmed that I didn't have bed bugs. I definitely value his honesty as he could have easily preyed on my fears. I'm glad that he insists on treatment only if there is evidence of bed bugs. For me, it was the best $80 I spent for that peace of mind. As for biting sensations, I suspect it was psycological. I will continue to be vigilent over the next months and in the future because this issue is becoming so prevalent.

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