I bout this service through buytopia. It states in the voucher that the branches should be able to be cut with a small chainsaw. When the two young men came out they said they can only cut 6 branches for the $200 value, and they don't have a chain saw but snips. They said they couldn't do my tree and to contact Buytopia for a refund. Buytopia said that Home Pro had to respond to their email. 3 weeks later I'm still waiting. I spent 2 hours going back and forth between them because they won't talk to each other. HORRIBLE!!!

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Being a first time home owner I don't know anything about gas. I have an older furnace, gas fire place and hook up for a gas bbq. I just bought the BBQ and didn't want to do anything wrong so I called Dave. I was very pleased when he showed up with Jamie. They took me through the house and showed me where all the main shut off's were. Checked the heating, AC and finally hooked up my BBQ. Jamie was very efficient and thorough. and didn't leave until I felt comfortable with everything. I would definitely call Jamie at Reliable for future jobs and would recommend him to anyone else. Thank you so much!

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