Buyer Beware- Darren (owner) is a very inexperienced business person. Any mistakes he makes he does not take responsibility for, instead he puts the blame on the client. He then bullies them into accepting it or paying additional money for what they originally purchased. There is no thought of customer satisfaction. He has a lot to learn in business. If you decide to buy from him ask plenty of questions, have all measurements recorded on the invoice and double check them yourself and be prepared to wait months for your product to be installed. Our issue was that we asked for our original 36" door to be replaced, instead Darren installed a 32" door. I would never recommend this company as we never received what we wanted but we were forced to accept it.

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Company Response

Hi Keith and Sylvia, we appreciate your frustration and disappointment with the situation however we have forwarded you the email in which you were informed the door was going to be 32" wide in which you responded that you understood and would talk it over. The next email we received was a request to proceed with the order.

We do not understand your remaining comments stating bullying. We did three previous orders for your home over the last 2 years replacing numerous windows and a patio door which is why we are sure you felt comfortable ordering the front entry door from us. With all respect we have never bullied or attempted to charge you more than quoted for any of the windows and doors installed at your home at any point. We did however issue you a discount on the front entry door in which you accepted as a resolution, despite the fact you were informed of what the size would be.

The installers that installed your front entry door stated how happy you were with the installation and with the look of the door when they completed the project. I do hope that you continue to be happy with it moving forward, along with the other windows and patio door that we have installed for you.

Best to you and your family moving forward.