Myself and my husband purchased our home which had a newly installed TOP of the line furnace/A.C system put in, Im talking 10,000. Upon taking over the home we realized one of the parts making it wifi and App accessible was not installed Instead my husband then decided to upgrade to an ECO Bee system to make our home more smart home friendly. We called reliance to have them do it due to it being their system and parts we didn't want to run into any issues. They had one of their guys come out to install the Eco Bee but then never told us it wasn't compatible with the system we had so we would not be able to control the humidity in the house. A couple weeks go by and my windows are pouring water, I called reliance but got no help so we went elsewhere and this is where we found out what was really going on and the lack of compatibility. I called Reliance and never got a phone call back, I have called few times and never got calls back. Its been 2 years of sweaty windows and trying to get a hold of them. A few weeks ago I called and spoke with a female in charge of the customer care area and explained the whole situation to her and just asked for them to reinstall my older thermostat so I can have my humidity control back but at their cost considering the crap and their employees lack of communication to us from the beginning, I was told I would get a call back in a couple days. That was A MONTH AGO. If shes in charge of customers that just shows how crap this company really is RUN FAR FAR AWAY

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Company Response

I am sorry to hear about your experience. If you require assistance please email me at and I will certainly look into this for you. - Gemma