Great company and quality workmanship. I called as our downspout was frozen up to the roofline. I got an immediate reply and quote after sending a few pictures. He arrived the next day but was unable to complete the repair as there was risk of damaging the siding. That said, he checked in a few weeks later when the weather got warmer and returned to do the repair. We were very impressed that he checked in as we hadn’t realized the pipe was thawed on the outside and ready to be fixed. He arrived on time, the work was done very well, he stayed within the quoted price and even added a custom bottom to the downspout to accommodate for our unique space. Thank you! We were very impressed and highly recommend. We will definitely call again for any home repair needs. Amazing work and service!

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Company Response

Sincere thank you Natasha, for taking the time to describe in detail your satisfaction with our services. We truly appreciate your candid comments, your approval and recommendation. We are happy that we were able to help with your required repairs.
Yuriy and the Quality Home Team


We hired Gavin and his team to enlarge two basement windows in our home, waterproof the foundation and install window wells. Gavin started things off on the right foot by returning our call quickly and coming out to provide a quote in a timely manner. He was one of the few people who agreed to help secure and do the work under a building permit. Which was important to us to ensure the safety of our family. Our job was a challenging one with several unexpected issues popping up along the way. That said, I was impressed with Gavin (and his team's) dedication to ensuring the job was done properly and to our satisfaction. The team was professional, courteous and punctual. Additionally, I was VERY impressed with Gavin's dedcation to working with us to iron out a few challenges (even after having been fully paid for the job). With many "fly by the night" contractors out there, it is nice to deal with a company that truly cares about client satisfaction and doing the job right. A rarity in today's market! Our family is now enjoying a safe and bright basement. Thanks Gavin!

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Company Response

G J MacRae has a system in place. Responding to your call and diagnosing your wet basement in a timely manner is crucial; thank you for acknowledging that. We follow the rules so when a building permit is required; we absolutely comply!

Natasha, I know your time is valuable. Thank you for submitting such a detailed review of your job outcome and sharing your experience here online with others. The unforeseen and unexpected happens with foundation repair and when it does we know what to do; that's why hiring an experienced foundation repair contractor is so important. You made the right choice with G J MacRae and we're glad you did!

Gavin and I are grateful for your comments; thank you. WE DO IT RIGHT!

Noreen, G J MacRae Foundation Repair,