We had squirrels living in the space between our first and second floors, although we didn't know that for certain at first. Unfortunately, the company we had used in the past for pest control were so slow to come out that we went looking for an alternative. We called two companies with glowing reviews on HomeStars and decided to choose Grady's Wildlife Removal when we were told they could come out by the next morning. John actually arrived that same afternoon. The solution was to seal off any possible openings into the house and to install two one-way squirrel doors for two weeks. Once we were certain that the squirrels were gone, the one-way doors were removed and the openings permanently sealed off. On one of the visits, John caught one of the squirrels that had made its way into the basement. Although it may sound trite, I cannot recommend Grady's enough. John's primary concern was clearly customer satisfaction. He would not promise something he couldn't guarantee and he was one of the most honest people I have ever dealt with. The final invoice was the same as the original quotation (to the penny).

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I really appreciate the great review. I know how busy life is and appreciate your taking the time to do this. I enjoyed our "chats"!!