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I would not recommend TTL Moving and Storage to anyone based on the experience we have had with them. We moved from my grandmothers belongings from Surrey BC to Calgary AB after her sudden passing and it was nothing but headaches after they had come and packed up the truck. No one was able to tell us when it would be arriving in Calgary, I called them so I could finally get a day as I had not heard from anyone in a few days. I was told it would be on Monday, April 16th in the morning so I made arrangements with my 2 Nephews take the day off of work because half the stuff was going to my Parents and half of it was going to my house, I had arranged for help to quickly sort it as to what was going into another truck and what was going into my parents basement. By late afternoon with no calls or messages I started to reach out to Thomas, after numerous attempts Thomas stated that it would now be tomorrow as they had a mechanical break down due to a bird going through the radiator but they would be there the next day. Well this went on all week and both of my nephews both lost a weeks pay because they just would not communicate with us till late in the day even though I was calling them in the mornings only to find out later in the week the truck was still at the shop and they were waiting on parts. This would have been acceptable if someone had taken then time to communicate with me, I understand things like this happen, but they continued to not tell us the truth and say that it would be there that day. Finally Friday came around and they said that they were now leaving the Rogers Pass and would be there tonight and it had to be unloaded tonight even though the ETA was between 9:00-10:00 PM so again I had my nephews ready to go with an additional 5 family members so that it would be quick for them and we weren't unloading for long in the dark. At midnight I had finally given up on them arriving after a number of calls to both the truck driver, the swamper and Thomas and no communication. So I had my family head home and be ready in the morning just in case they called. I had finally got a call from the swamper about 730 in the morning stating they would be there in an hour and to be ready, 1 hour!! They were close to 2 hours before arriving and had us waiting again. Then the driver was extremely rude to myself and my sister demanding payment before they would unload the truck, there was not communication that we had to pay the driver upon arrival so we were scrambling on getting a large sum e-transferred to him so we can get this ordeal over with and our belongings returned to us but because we paid by MasterCard for the deposit we assumed that is how we would pay for the whole bill. After explaining it to Thomas of how disappointed I was in the lack of communication he had agreed to refund the deposit. It has now been 16 months a number of calls, way to many calls to count to find out when we could expect the deposit he had promised to return a number of times. I would never recommend this company to anyone and suggest looking elsewhere

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shipment was sent out with another carrier and that's where problems arose. Deposit was sent back to them.