I thought everything was done in a timely manner, and in the proper order, with superior customer service coming from my designer (Paula), to the Accounting Manager (Barb), to the Operations Manager (Christine). I loved the design my designer created for me and all the furniture pieces she chose for my condo. She really brought every space together in a way I couldn’t do by myself. I also thought the whole process was rather smooth and stress-free, I was expecting the worst, but it never came to that at all. All the deliveries were made as scheduled, my designer’s people always showed up when she said they would. I also thought my designer’s delivery and installation people had superb technique, and they were so polite and professional. When the family from Gavinchi installed drapes for me, they were so delicate in their work. While Wai was installing wallpaper for me, he noticed one batch of wallpaper was slightly different colour, so he got a new roll for me to match the original colour. When I scuffed up the wall paint, my designer asked Wai to fix it and he said no problem. When Val delivered all my furniture, everything was delivered and installed without incident, and he even kindly showed me how to open and close my new sofa bed properly. Some processes did take a bit longer than expected (delivery of a few pieces of furniture), but that’s totally understandable as personal circumstances popped up (on both our parts - me and my designer, e.g., vacations, having to go out of the country), and other uncontrollable circumstances (e.g., items not in stock). But what I appreciate is the communication, understanding and expert decision-making skills I received from my designer. The whole thing was not cheap, but I will always pay for high quality service and products, and expert judgment for design and project management. I believe I got this from my designer and Lux. My designer was Paula, she is top-notch, she really knows what she is doing, and I think she is just excellent.

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