I have been a customer of Waters and Brooks for probably 20 years. They installed the watering system and have serviced it well. Until a year or so ago. Since then I have faced speedbumps that have been challenging. A technician who does not show up. A technician who will not leave his van because it is raining. A technician (not all the same person of course) who claimed that all was fixed. And then my grass died. A technician who claimed that the reason the system was not working was because we had reprogrammed the system...……….as if I knew how! A technician who told us that there was no programming done in the first place! I called the office to register my concern and received a chastising from someone named Joanne who reminded me of my mother in days gone by. It is all so disappointing. There are many companies out there that want your business. Perhaps a call to one of them will be more productive.I

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