The products and product knowledge are great. We wanted to support a locally owned shop. However, when my delivery was pushed back ("LG's fault"), the attitude from the sales staff was unacceptable. I am a small business owner myself and if someone treated a customer this way in my store, they would be fired. Originally, the machines were to be delivered on the 16th (purchased on the 10th). I was told at the time of purchase that there was a chance it might take longer. I did not receive a call and had to call on the 16th to follow up. We rescheduled delivery for the 22nd, 8-10 am. When it didn't arrive, I phoned to follow up later that morning. The sales rep had made a mistake and scheduled delivery for the 24th. He called back to tell me he would be paying a friend out of pocket to deliver my machines, but for take-away of our old washer, the friend may need assistance. When I inquired (respectfully) whether I could get a refund on the delivery because of the wait time, and the machine removal because I would need to help out, I was met with complete attitude. The sales rep said "Whatever" in response to my concerns at least a dozen times. The way in which the situation was handled was enough to make me cancel the order. I'll wait another 2-3 weeks for machines just to not give my money to a store that offers this service, thank you.

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I would have been happy with a more apologetic attitude, and more of an effort to make the situation right. I appreciated the attempt to have my machines delivered today, but having been called with a heads up on the occasion of the first delivery would have been helpful so I didn't need to follow up. I'd also say it's a good idea to always watch your tone when speaking to customers.
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