My husband and I ordered custom cabinetry from ECAD. At first we were excited by the design sketch and price point they quoted us. Their quoted shipping rate to our home (~ 2 hours from GTA) was also reasonable. We signed up and looked forward to our delivery. Thereafter the frustrations began... -Delays with production -Delays with shipment- had to be rescheduled (on their end) several times requiring multiple phone calls on our end to find out what was happening. -On shipment day they came with 2 of the side cabinets in the incorrect size. We noted this right away and so they were able to have them brought back on that same truck however, we were told that if we required delivery for the corrected cabinets we would have to pay a second shipment fee (or collect them ourselves). While we had thought the shipment fee was reasonable initially we did not think that we would have to pay multiple times for a mistake on their end, or dedicate a whole day to picking up the corrected products ourselves. -When it came time for assembly, we discovered that ALL of the shelving was cut too deep, 2 of the outer cabinet faces were cut to the incorrect size. Further, there were many pieces of hardware missing (many door hinges, at least 6 door handles). Again this stalled our installation process (otherwise to purchase these ourselves would be ~ $15 per item- x ~20 items...) while trying to contact ECAD about this. Since then we have emailed, called multiple times and they stopped answering our calls until we called from a blocked ID number; then they said they were "busy" and could take a message and return our call. It has been over a week without a response and this is very disappointing. What should have been an exciting home upgrade has resulted in months of delays, frustration, and poor customer service. Would not recommend unless you have a workshop at home to trim many parts to size and the funds and time to purchase and/or pick up missing or corrected pieces.

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