Rana took our money and ran! We paid him $600 CASH to get rid of our bed bug problem and didn’t follow through but he managed to get our money. We agreed that he would do his best to get rid of them and showed up for 2 treatments and now he won’t return my phone calls. He said there was no sign of bed bugs however, we continue to get bites. Worst service ever! I messaged him asking for the name and registration numbers of the products he used and he doesn’t have the decency to reply. As an exterminator you’re suppose to help the customer find where the problem is coming from. It doesn’t mean you apply some steam and some pesticide and never come back. Clearly this guy or company doesn’t give a you know what about their customers. All they care about is the money. He didn’t even write up an invoice! Pretty sad to be in a job that is customer related then to screw someone in the back. Way to go Rana at Pestico!!!! Pretty sad excuse for a human being.

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