I used these guys because of the positive ratings on Home Stars. I had new front doors put in and the install went smoothly. However the weatherstripping became detached a few months afterwards so I called to get this addressed. Dan - the owner - told me he closed his showrooms and was no longer servicing his work so now I'm left with an expensive door that is not very durable. Not sure if they are still taking on new work - if so then STAY AWAY as they don't stand behind what they sell. So much for relying on Home Stars...

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Company Response

Dear Marc , Please accept our apologies on the weatherstrip on the bottom of your door. Just to clarify yes we have closed both our showrooms as we are approaching 60 and wanted to have more time to enjoy our lives as our children are older now and frankly after doing the numbers 1 out of 10 customers visit the showroom .....not a big percentage when you consider the expense and the commitment to time. I also told you that we closed our door shop along with the showrooms again to free us up. Unfortunately the down side was we suffered a loss of our door shop staff and had no technicians to service the doors. I also told you we were still looking to find someone who would fit this position. We now have found a door shop much like our previous one and they will be making our doors exclusively and will be also servicing them.........sometimes you have to wait and find the right will be contacted asap to have a new sweep installed on the door.
Thank goodness it's only a minor issue and there is no risk to the home while we arrange this for you.