In the Fall of 2018 we provided a $6000 deposit to JWC construction to build us an upper level deck, to start in the spring of 2019. Drawings and permits were to be handled by JWC, as noted in the qoutes provided to us. In the spring of 2019 after submitting multiple drawing to the town (non of which were done correctly), we decided they were not competent to complete the job, and canceled it. We did not have a firm start date on the quote, only a verbal start date of "spring of 2019".Justin/JWC construction and I agreed to cancel the job (through text message) I asked what we owed in the event we did cancel, he wanted $800 for the time spent on drawings and site visits. We agreed to paying them $800 and gave him multiple ways to refund the rest of the deposit. After multiple text asking for the deposit back we received another $800 E transfer a few months later. Leaving the current balance owed at $4400. $6000 - $800 (agreed upon payment) = $5200. $5200 - $800 (first E transfer attempting payback) = $4400 still outstanding.I sent him an email of complaint on July 22nd, as requested by your processes and have not heard anything back. I have since text multiple times asking when we would get another transfer, offering to set up a repayment plan, and have only been met with rude comments or no reply at all. (PDF of all text messages will be attached) II have addition documents of text msg's and quotes but cannot attach them due to file size limitations.

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Company Response

There are false statements in this review and we will not be stooping to there level in regards to it. We have nothing to hide or a need to defend ourselves. There are two sides to every story and if anyone is concerned regarding this situation free to ask us. We have never once said we would not give money back and there was a large lack of communication with Paul.