The two men that came to our home did such a fantastic job l highly recommend this Company, “Grout Restoration”! Gus & Jose worked hard, work well together, they have made such a beautiful change in our home l feel the floors look brand new. The entrance, powder room, 3 piece bathroom & 4 piece bathroom including the walk-in shower & tiles surrounding the jacuzzi tub all look brand new! I don’t know if Gus or Jose we’re partners or if one was the boss, but the work they did is truly amazing. When the one guy came to give us an explanation & quote l had to leave to go to an appointment. The one bathroom was completed first & when l saw how beautifully clean it was l was thrilled! I had tried all the DIY suggestions l could that l read on the computer & one’s friends had suggested. I didn’t know my husband had picked silver grout for the entrance. When l spoke to him he said he thought it would look nice. My heart sank. One of the guys overheard me talking & l told him l didn’t know my husband choose silver. I said l wanted white. I went outside to read & when l came back in Jose or Gus had the grout white! So l went to thank them & l didn’t care how much extra it would cost. When they were all finished there was no extra cost! These guys take there boots off, speak respectfully, lay down a tarp at each bathroom, they even vacuum the carpet outside the master en-suite. Before the fellas came l took pictures, the floors were clean but shower was a mess. I told my husband to use the other bathroom to shower as l think we had scrubbed the grout so much in the last few years l wouldn’t be surprised if the tiles started to fall off the wall. Jose & Gus have changed our bathrooms & entrance/ foyer including the closet floor l don’t know how to thank them in any other way but to tell my friends & family & l will even show the pictures. I cringe to show the pictures of the shower but if you really want to see the difference. Contact Grout Restoration & we will make arrangements to show the pictures. If you want beautiful floors where the grout is white, this is the Company you are looking for! Now l am looking at the contract, they steam clean first, but it “Thermal Accelerated Nano-Crystal Sanitation, they do not use acid or bleach or any harsh cleaners nothing smells bad none of the tiles were damaged not even when they removed the old caulking. When they are all done they put a clear sealant on the grout to protect it & it’s water insoluble. I could go on about what they did but it’s too much for a woman to explain because I am just reading it off the contract but there’s different colours if you wanted to have a coloured grout but I have to say I couldn’t speak more highly of these two guys that worked so well together and cleaned up and vacuumed and when they left you would never know they were here they were polite, clean, accommodating, worked well together & l believe if you pay someone to do a job & they do it well, then pay your bill & thank them. These two gentlemen went above & beyond, changing the color my husband picked (silver) then changing it to white it all 3 bathrooms & the foyer! Word of mouth is the best recommendation l can think of. A great job, well done! Thank you very much Gus & Jose. The fellas arrived on time, it took approximately 5 hours to complete the work from beginning to end. The price including tax $1,947.84 no extra charge when l saw they had changed the grouting colour to silver & l wanted it white & they changed the grout colour. Sincerely, C. Kostecki

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