I wish I had read all of the bad reviews before I had a sofa and loveseat custom made at Sofaworks for over $5,800. We purposely chose the highest quality, most durable leather they offered. After just 4 years of very light use in the living room of a two adult home, the leather on the seat cushions is cracking and peeling. They also talked us into a 5 year warranty that supposedly covered absolutely everything but when I made a claim, we were told cracking and peeling of leather is excluded. Sofaworks refuses to do anything, instead telling me I need to have the leather repaired or the sofa reupholstered at my own expense. They have not even asked to see the degraded leather in person for themselves. The sofa is now an unsightly mess of peeling leather and I will have to replace both pieces. I went to Sofaworks originally as they vowed that they stood behind every piece of furniture that they make. How completely false that has turned out to be. I expected a sofa of their purported quality to last a lot longer than 4 years. Had I known how poor quality it truly was and how they do not stand behind their products, I would have run as fast as I could. The furniture is terrible quality, doesn’t last, and once they have your money, they just don’t care. Please read the negative reviews and believe them! Don't make the same costly mistake that I did.

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