When we bought our home, our garage facade had a crack in the mortar between the bricks. We patched it, but it cracked further over the following 2 years. In looking into the cause of it, we discovered the problem was bigger than we'd expected. After consulting with friends who had recently had some foundation repairs done, we called G J MacRae Foundation Repair. Our friends had "done the homework" for us, having received several quotes and references for contractors for their foundation work before settling on MacRae. They were extremely pleased with the work (timeline, price, and results) as well. After I called, Mr. Gavin MacRae visited in person to look at the garage, said we'd need to have an engineer review the problem and make a referral. So far so good -- more $ for us, but to ensure the job would be done safely, well, and as it needed to be. The engineer confirmed the cause of the crack was a tipping foundation (and discussed water drainage with us, to prevent such problems in the future). He gave us the referral letter for MacRae. Our repair work was begun within a week after the engineer's visit. The workers were here every day until the job was finished, with the exception of one day when the weather prevented their work, and on that day, someone called us to say they could not come and why. The job involved digging (manually -- no motorized tools or machinery were used, as it was so close to the house) 8' down, to get under the existing foundation. They started early and worked late, and had the job finished in a week's time. We had inquired as to whether the work would be finished before Halloween, as it involved removing much of our front walkway and digging up near the front door. They assured us they would try to be finished in time, and they were. Not only was the foundation repaired, but everything that needed to be "undone" to get to the foundation (plantings beside the house, the interlocking walkway) was replaced by MacRae's crew almost as if it had never been disturbed. There was nothing we needed to re-do after they were done. They cleaned up the clay and soil mess thoroughly also. We would have prefered to not need this work done, of course...but we were very happy with the punctuality, timelines, care, and quality of the work. Communication was clear and thorough, and the price seemed fair for the size of this job.

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Structural Foundation Repair can be tricky and I am so glad you took your friend's advice and called us in. Quality Workmanship is guaranteed with G J MacRae and Gavin knows attention to detail is crucial.

We are grateful to work for amazing customers like you. The fact that you took the time to share your experience with G J MacRae here online is paramount for us. You are educating and providing insight to potential clients and by doing so help them to make an informed choice for their structural foundation repair or basement waterproofing job. Most of our business comes from referrals! -- thank you for confirming that! WE DO IT RIGHT!

Noreen, G J MacRae Foundation Repair,