We moved from Mississauga to Ottawa, which is considered a long distance move (intra province - within the same province). We had two major issues and a few other more minor issues. (1) They forgot a 20 ft ladder at our house in Mississauga, which I noticed as they were driving away. I waved frantically my hands to no avail. We couldn't reach anyone at the office as it was Friday and it was 6:04 pm (the office closed at 6:00 pm). No one supplied us with the cell phone numbers for the forman or the manager of operations. We had to figure out a way to move it ourselves 500 km. (2) Problem with the estimate for the storage: The long distance move coordinator came to give us an estimate. She had a look at our belongings at our house, before they were stored in the garage by the house stagers. The estimate was 7 crates for the storage of our belongings at 100$/ crate/month. The first invoice we received they were charging us for 13 crates + 2 skids! I called the coordinator and she said they would try to reorganize our belongings in order to make a more efficient use of the space. Finally the best that they could do was 10 crates. Beware of the storage estimates... as they low balled ours. Of course we went with them as we thought the storage fees would be 7 crates x $100/months. Other companies better estimated our storage needs. The long distance coordinator told me that the stagers probably didn't box our belongings efficently that was why the storage required more crates. Other little issues are: (1) Insurance in Ontario has a 8 % tax , no GST should be charged. For the 6 months our belongings were in storage they charged HST on the insurance premium therefore we paid an extra $43.00 5% of GST. (2)Beware when the forman comes with the inventory list at the end of the day (after the pick up and the drop off), make sure that you go around every cupboard and corner of your house, because you will be exhausted and tempted not to, but this is important. He will have you sign off the inventory sheets (we had more than 30 sheets), and affix your initials to everyone of them. Once again go around and make sure they have everything. Keep the sticker to cross check with the inventory. They did reimburse us for broken items (we had the premium insurance), lost items and compensation for the ladder that was left behind however not including the HST of replacement items. They were all very curtious and professional. They might have done a better job for a move within the GTA compared to a long distance move with storage. They arrived with 2 of their trucks, they needed to call up a third one for the move out of our house in Mississauga. Finally we went with this company for the price and they had good ratings. But because of the storage misquoting and the ladder incident resulted in our disatisfaction with this company.

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