I used Ecoboxes for my recent move and couldn't be happier with them! They were delivered promptly and were nice and clean. They're great for the environment and they're better for stacking since they're a lot more durable than cardboard boxes! The guy who delivered them and picked them up was very kind and professional. I even finished with them early and they were happy to come and get them out of my way before my original pick up date. I would highly recommend this company!

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I had a terrible experience with this company. As another poster stated they sent a smaller truck than I had requested and ended up having to do two trips instead of just one which of course costs more money since they're paid by the hour. They also sent three people instead of just two and made me pay for an additional hour to cover the cost of the extra person who didn't actually help with the move and just stayed in his car by the truck. The extra guy they sent started yelling at me almost as soon as they got there because it was a difficult moving situation and parking was a hassle. I acknowledge that it is a frustrating place to move from, especially given some construction going on nearby and having to move the truck on a number of occasions for the City’s construction vehicles to get through, but I had forewarned them that I lived in an apartment downtown and asked if they had experience with downtown moves as I realize they can be much more difficult and I was told that it wouldn’t be an issue. The issues they had were things that I had no control over and as a professional company they should have been able to handle it without taking it out on me. They then didn’t park where they were instructed to park and received a parking ticket which I was then required to pay (even though myself and the building manager had told them not to park there). I also requested that they take their shoes off before going on the carpeted area in the apartment which one of the movers disregarded and left dirty footprints all over the floor. Once all of my items had been moved to the loading area, which is a public area in the apartment building, they realized they couldn’t fit everything in one load so when the movers brought my stuff to the new house I had to stay behind with my remaining items and I sent someone else to let them into the house to unload. At the new house the movers apparently started unloading but were told to stop by someone from their office. A woman from their office (I believe her name was Mila), then called me and told me that I had to pay them before they unloaded anything further from the truck even though I had an email from her which previously stated that payment was due upon completion of the job. Due to this I had to find someone to watch my remaining items and take a cab to the new house to pay them upon threat of having my items taken to storage, which I would also have to pay for, if I didn't get over and pay them right away. They basically held my items hostage. Once I got there to pay they said they wouldn't take debit (which they previously said they would) and I had to pay with my credit card (which thankfully I had). I will acknowledge that I had previously stated I would pay with debit or credit card, so they at least knew that I did have a credit card, but at this point I didn't want to provide them with my credit card information and would have preferred to pay with my debit. I was also told that they had another job to get to and that mine had taken longer than anticipated so they would not be able to go back and get my remaining items until that night. As I stated earlier, all of my items were sitting in a public area in the old building so clearly that was unacceptable. I told their office that my remaining items needed to be moved right away and I ended up going with them in their truck to ensure that it was done. Further, one of the items I had left for the second trip was my BBQ with a propane tank. I know from past experience that some moving companies won’t transport propane tanks so the day before my move when I confirmed my address and details with their office I specifically asked whether or not they would take it or if I would have to move that over myself. I was assured that they would handle everything I had and that I didn’t have to worry about a thing. However, when it came time to load it they stated that they wouldn’t take it. I insisted that they load it because I don’t have a car and now had no other way to take it over (which I would have previously arranged if they had told me they couldn’t) and eventually they ended up taking it. Also, I have no problem with them speaking another language when just chatting amongst themselves, but I found it to be quite rude when I would speak to them about issues and they would then turn to discuss it in another language which I was unable to understand. Overall it’s not even the length of time that it took to actually do the move that I have an issue with, I acknowledge that it was frustrating and difficult, my issue is that they consistently contradicted the information they had previously provided me, they were rude (mostly on the part of the office) and they had no consideration for the situation they put me in by not providing the services as they said they would. I would never recommend this company.

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