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I hired Jean-Guy to do the carpentry work on my house and felt I would be the builder well that soon changed. We quickly realized that it would be better if he did both jobs builder and carpenter. I took on the rools of owner and labourer which worked well we had two other trades men a electrician Charlie and Chico a HAVC instaler. Our agreement was that I would show them how to buld a R-2000 home and they would do there trades when needed. There was only one rule that no-one would step on anothers work and if there were problems we would work it out. Jean-Guy was incharge of all of this and totaly exceeded my dreams of building a integral urbin home. Thanks Jean-Guy Charlie and Chico Harry M. Lawson

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Phill Smid who owns fog free windows responded quickly to my problem which was moisture in my thermal pain windows. He pointed out the problems and sujested answers then gave a fair quote. I could not find this service any where else and the company that I bought the windows from couldn't help me. Phil installed the low E windows which was a match to the existing windows and he also installed a large safety glass in a exteriour door. Fog Free Windows gave excelant service for my R2000 house which windows are a very important instalation. Thanks Phil Harry M. Lawson

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