We bought out our hot water heater a few years ago from Reliance and thought about getting it replaced. We phoned Reliance to get a quote or to get back on a monthly plan and I waited for 10 minutes to talk to someone. I asked them if they could give me a price and the lady started to take down all my info. I asked her if she knew a price range and said she needed all my info before she could help and then said that she needed to transfer me and proceeded to put me on hold again. We later scheduled an appointment for a quote to have someone come out. Then when someone was to come out they left a message on our machine saying that yesterdays appointment got missed or something and no one came out. No call backs or nothing. I'll look elsewhere thanks.

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Company Response

I'm sorry to hear about this experience Andrew and would like to lend a hand. Please email me at and I will be sure to get you some answers. Thanks in advance. Rich


Bought the Sleep Country brand mattress cover to ensure that our mattress stays clean because it was cheaper than the name brand. It fell apart after a few years and when we went back to get it replaced they were discontinued and they would not give us anything to help resolve our problem with their brand of product.

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