We began working with Aya back in the summer of 2017 designing our dream kitchen. We ordered our dream kitchen in the fall of 2017. Received it & had it installed January 2018. We are now midway through 2019 with the last of the door installs being done just last week & we remain extremely discontented with their product as well as their service. We have had all cupboard doors replaced once due to warranty/poor MDF quality including the range hood. Some doors have been replaced 3 times & we remain unhappy due to quality assurance & poor packaging practices. The analogy I like to use is if someone was buying a car (because that is what average kitchens cost today) you expect to receive a brand new car without imperfections of scratches, dent, paint chips, etc. The same goes with your kitchen cupboards in my mind. Why are some cupboard door perfect & others come with imperfections. There was no consistency of product. This is not what we expected to say the least! We would like to express our disappointment with their unsatisfactory level of service & quality of product. It has been a very long 18 months trying to resolve ongoing issues with their product & lack of quality. We had expected much more from a known and reputed company of their standard. We had reached out to your company back in the spring of 2018 & never received a follow up call back. I called last week & have yet to hear back once again. We feel we were never taken seriously, pushed aside, forgotten about & treated poorly. Working with the company has been nothing but frustrating & extremely dissatisfying. Our dream kitchen has turned into our forever nightmare! Aya is a company that should uphold pleasurable customer experience especially when people are building a dream of theirs. We have & will continue to spread the word about our experience with both Innovative Kitchens (locally) & Aya products to all of our family, friends, acquaintances & whomever we speak about kitchen designs or renos to.

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