Not sure if this is the right company/contractor who performed service on my couch repair but it is connected with Sears. After having purchased a couch about 6 months before, I started noticing a slight rip near the seam of one of the cushions and called Sears to see if they can replace or fix this. It took some time before we were able to coordinate the timing in order for them to send someone out due to my work schedule. The person who was setting up the booking was very diligent in trying to work around my schedule and called me 3 times in order to see if certain times would work for me as they had a pending work order and at 1 of the previous scheduled times, I had to cancel. She was very good and the person who arrived here finally was extremely friendly and courteous also. He did the job and I was very satisfied with the outcome.

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I had a big problem in the Condo which I live in regarding the dryer duct which we felt was not getting enough air and therefore, was taking much too long to dry a reglular load of clothes. A normal 1 hour cycle would take at least 2-3 hours and the external duct cleaning is done every year on this building but not internal. Apparently it is a more complex problem getting it from the inside but this company installed a "booster" fan which forces more air out and helps out with the drying process. It is not perfect, but it has cut down on our costs and the drying time of clothes now. The only downside is that the fan doesn't shut off with the dryer and goes on by itself periodically. Fortunately, the noise is not too bad. They were quite frlendly and also thoroughly cleaned the inside of the dryer also.

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Company Response

Thanks Matthew, Hopefully the booster fan is still working well for you.