Have been left without a water heat which powers the furnace for over 2 days in the middle of the coldest part of the winter, and I'm still sitting here freezing and waiting. No one can seem to organize getting the water heater replaced. HOUSE WAS DOWN TO 5 DEG. C overnight and Reliance couldn't care less. They want my money each month but don't deliver any emergency service. I am also tired of listening to the call center in the Philippines telling me they understand my problem. No they don't. It doesn't get to below freezing in that country. Reliance Home Comfort your company is the grand prize winner of the WORST COMPANY to deal with. You have more layers of bureaucracy than people to actually FIX PROBLEMS. All I asked for for the 10 plus years I paid you every month was to fix/replace the water heater so I am not left freezing. It has been more than 42 hours since you were made aware of the problem and I'm still sitting here in the cold.

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I'm sorry to hear this news. If you could please email me at I will work to assist in resolving this issue. RM