Great people to deal with. I was referred to them by other homeowners. Offered great design suggestions and worked with my rough design. They delivered almost to the day, as promised. The kitchen looks amazing! Could be displayed in a showroom. Great service. Tell everyone but when people come over there is no need to persuade them, they always ask who did the amazing job!!! Thanks to Peter and the entire team.

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I too have been scammed by Graham Services, not once but twice. 1st I purchased the DealFind voucher for Snow removal for $99+tax on Dec 17/11. I waited until after Dec 24/11 to register for service on-line at Graham Services. I waited 1-3 hours after the 1st snowfall and no one showed up. Waited 24 hours and nothing, waited 48 hours and still no one showed up. I called Graham Services about 10x, sent 6 emails and even paged them. Not a response at all. Finally I wrote DealFind who apologize and said that they would contact Graham. I waited about a week and in the meantime keep trying to reach Graham Services. DealFind sent me this response - Thank you for your patience while we contacted the merchant. > > We spoke with Graham Services and they sincerely apologize for the lack of communication. They kindly request your contact details, so you get to enjoy this great deal. > > Please provide us with your contact information in order for us to proceed. I sent DealFind my info once again and waited. On Jan 12/12 I received this email from Graham (copying many other people - Breech of privacy) Subject: CONFIRMATION > > We sincerely apologize for the delay in response to your inquiries. > This email is to confirm your automatic registration with our unlimited > snow removal for the 2012 winter season. > We will arrive to your property up to 3 hours after the snow falls, > with a minimum of 3 centimetres of snowfall. > > We appreciate your business. > Thank you. > > Nicole M. > Administrative Assistant > Graham Services Again I waited for service but to no avail. I called too many times to count and emailed this on Jan 31/12 Hello Nicole, We received this email of apology and stating that the service would start automatically ASAP but NO ONE has shown up at our house yet. There is snow and ice on our driveway and I had a car accident and my mom is elderly and we cannot do it. Please send someone to plow and salt our driveway and walkway ASAP. Honestly not impressed with your service!!!!! The same day I received this very unusual email from Graham Services. Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 12:15:40 -0600 > From: > To:xxxxxxxxxx > Subject: RE: CONFIRMATION > > Carmelina, > > Graham service is very sorry for any inconvenience. Unfortunately there > has been an issue with the transfer of your funds, from Deal Find to > Graham services. Thus Deal Find has collected your funds but have failed > to forward the payment to Graham Services. The result is that Graham > service has not yet been paid for your property to be serviced (even > though you our valued customer has already made the payment to Deal > Find) like any business we require a payment in order proceed with our > services. Until recently (in the past 6 weeks) we have been servicing > properties for free. Now fully aware of this conflict with Deal Find we > are advising that our customers to follow these quick steps in order to > receive our services. > > STEP 1) acquire a refund from deal find > STEP 2) acquire same package directly from our site > click on the HOT DEALS (this is only for customers > who have previously purchased/refunded through deal Find) each price is > $5-$15 less than what was previously purchased from the Deal Find > website. the direct purchase through Graham Services for $89 +tax for > snow removal which includes the seasonal snow removal, plus a free > summer lawn maintenance. > once you have purchased the deal, you will be put on our priority list, > and you will have service within 24 hours of payment being processed. > STEP 3) redeem voucher by going to voucher redemption form. > > > If you have any more questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call or > e-mail. > > 289-240-4743 > 289-240-4942 > > > Thank you for choosing Graham Services. I responded with: Hello, I really am skeptical about your company since I have purchased over 100 deals from Deal find and have never had an issue with them or payment. The fact that your company is being so underhanded by refusing their deals and offering the deals personally really concerns me. That being said, we need this service and will purchase it from you directly and do hope that we will NOT encounter any problems with the service with Graham services. I went on your website and do not see a credit card option. Please advise if I can purchase this with a credit card???? Please advise ASAP P.S. Why was I not advised of this way back on Jan 12th? Also, to confirm the rate is $89 plus free summer lawn maintenance? Graham responds with: Hello Carmelina, > > I assure you that you will have no more problems. We do have a credit > card method. We will send you an invoice via pay pal and you can pay > through that. The price is $89 plus taxes which equals to $100.57 plus > the free summer lawn maintenance. There is a $5 fee for using pay pal as > well. Since then I have not heard back. I am assuming because I would not pay by bank transfer or pre-paid chq that they could not get my money and credit card does not work well since they will investigate problems. I have tried many times to call again and send emails but no response. Yesterday I spoke with Ashleigh and she said someone in sales would call but no call back. Then got in touch with an Andre Clarke and he was very upset and said that he did not work for Graham Services and how I got his # and said not to call again. Graham Services is the worst company I have ever been in touch with. This is a big scam and they should be legally charged. All I can say is TG I did not purchase deal from them. I got a credit from Deal Find but am sure that I would get nothing from Gram Services. Do NOT buy anything from Graham Services.

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