On Friday, May 10th, found I had a blocked sewer line, both basement laundry tubs were full, from draining the bathtub upstairs, and had overflowed onto the concrete basement floor. Phoned Steve, and Colin arrived within the estimated time. He vacuumed out the tubs, threaded 70+ feet of snake along that line to a blockage then checked the other sewer line on the other side of the house to find a blockage. It was decided to install an access point on that line in my raspberry bed. Matt arrived along with someone else to find the Y joint of the two lines with a type of metal detector. Brent arrived with his compact but powerful bobcat/digger. Dug down 4 ft right over the connection point of the two sewer lines then out towards the street. It went directly under a tree who's mass of hair-sized roots caused the blockages so Matt determined the 15 ft tree had to be removed which Brent did with little damage to the cedar hedge nearby. The excavation was now about 20+ ft. Colin did hand digging to completely uncover the line and joints, broke it all into pieces and removed to the side. Replaced new lengths of sewer pipe, glued the joints at the Y and to the other ends. Colin worked very hard in the blazing sun down in the hole on Friday and Saturday, everyone stayed in good humour, were a friendly team and were polite to me the whole time. Saturday, and again Sunday morning Brent returned to bury broken up tree roots and old pipe then filled in the hole and levelled it with the surrounding lawn. Colin returned on Sunday to redo the connection from the laundry tubs to the old sewer pipe in the basement, so all is working well with both sewer lines! I'm so relieved! Matt emailed the bill today and explained the costs. As you can see from my long review, it was a very big emergency job. Matt did not charge the usual higher weekend rates and I am totally in agreement with his bill. He is always fair. I've called on Speedy Plumbing several times before and have always been very satisified with their work and their bill. Thank you all for another job well done.

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