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This company charged us for an OEM windshield through insurance and we just found out through our dealer that it failed inspection because the rear view mirror wouldn’t affix to the properly because an AFTERMARKET windshield that lacked proper design features had been installed without our knowledge in a vehicle we drive our three children in daily. When challenged they were useless. Police and court action pending. STAY AWAY

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Company Response

Aj in Fredericton,
On Feb. 1, 2018, Admiral Auto Glass installed a new OEM (Saint-Gobain Sekurit) windshield in your Mercedes complete with warranty on material and labour for 90 days which was agreed to by signing off on the invoice. This was not an aftermarket windshield nor did it lack any design features. On April 3, 2019, 15 months later, you took your car to another city to have the motor vehicle inspection completed. During this time your windshield was damaged by the mechanical shop. The damage to the windshield by the mechanical shop had nothing to do with the windshield installed by Admiral.
You have had your insurance company (Criminal Investigations Division), the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce and the City Police investigate this matter. All of whom have rejected your claim. As for your ongoing verbal and written abuse on numerous occasions, I believe this matter should come to a close.

Brian Wood, Owner/Operator