I would never recommend Andros Kitchen - We had a very bad experience with them. Paid them a $1000.00 retainer and didn't receive even a drawing for the money. Too bad! they said they lost our drawings due to a computer error. We have a beautiful kitchen now! How did I pick someone to replace them? I went to the yellow pages and fournd the next kitchen renovation company that started with And and used them. The experience was a heck of a lot better than them trying to sell you on a design team which of course costs you more money. Learned a huge lesson from these people! Make sure you get a quotation in writing before you pay!

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Company Response

I would like to respond to the above statement:

Ms. Capek came to our company in 2007. Our records indicate we designed, quoted and presented the scope of the project to her.

After the client had been presented with a design and a quotation, she loved what we had created for her and wished to move forward with the project. She then gave us a retainer in order for us to proceed.

Our initial consultation and design is free. A retainer is requested only after the client is fully aware of what products and services are rendered for the quotation given. A designer spends on average 20-30 hours designing and pricing a kitchen and/or bathroom renovation. This includes a plan and elevation drawings, a list of renovations, cabinet specifications, countertop and accessory pricing.
When the client is fully prepared to proceed with the project, only then is a retainer given to Andros Kitchen & Bath Designs. This amount is credited towards the final price of the project. The retainer is not a design purchase price but rather a commitment to proceed with the project and get our contractor to the residence to inspect the construction requirements. Ms. Capek was fully aware of our policies as they are clearly stated directly on our retainer agreement.

Ms. Capek retained us 5 years ago. I don't know the reasons Ms. Capek didn't continue to work with Andros Kitchen & Bath Designs, or why she did not advise management of any dissatisfaction she may have had with our Company.

Again, it's unfortunate that we were not made aware of this client’s disappointment. If we did indeed "lose" her design, as she states in her testimony, then we would have profusely apologized and re-designed and re-quoted the project to her satisfaction.

Andros Kitchen & Bath Designs has been in business for over 20 years and our excellent reputation in the kitchen and bath industry has been established because of our customer service and our repeat clientele.