DLC Enterprises did an excellent job replacing my roof. We were given a competitive quote and the job was finished in a timely manner. Every day my home was left clean, neat and tidy. We are very pleased with the work and would highly recommend them for any roof replacement. The best part which prompted a review was the follow up. Paperwork for the warranty was mailed. This company is great and we would not hesitate in using them again.

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Called this company to humanely remove 3 racoons from an estate property. There were 3 entry points on the roof and I wanted the animals removed with a one way door so the animals could leave and not return and the entry points sealed up and repaired. Estimate on the phone was around $700 and a $150 deposit had to be authorized with a signature before a quote would be done. (This should have been a red flag) Quote came back at $2100 plus HST. Apparently the roof line in was needing attention at $1379 to validate their guarantee that the animals would not return. I asked just to have the animals removed and holes repaired with no guarantee as this is an estate sale and we wanted to move fast and the estate could not afford this pricing. $2376 is extreme to remove these animals. I call this the "Bait and switch". Take your money on the deposit and give an extreme quote. Shame and me for not doing my due diligence. This is dishonest and outright shameful.

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Company Response

Dear Kathy
We are sorry to hear you feel that you were mislead. As you stated you did not want to invest in the service that was required to do the job correctly. We stand by our commitment to customer service. Every home is different, when we estimate the base price over the phone, that is for one hole only....we do not know the condition of the home until a full inspection is done and that you were informed of. There is no such thing as :bait and switch: it is what it is. Our inspector spent over 2 hours on your property at a cost of $125.00 + hst. The information you received was used to help you combat the issue or help anyone else to do the work properly. You received 20 years of knowledge and a full roof inspection that could be used to do the work yourself, or help other contractors do the work properly. We only authorize inspection fees if the client is NOT going to be home. This was the case. Again no such thing as "bait and switch" in this industry
Hopefully your estate sale went well
Best regards
Denise Smith