Our fridge stopped cooling over the weekend and we called Randy before his office was open Monday morning and he personally answered the phone. Randy wasn't able to offer us home service as we are located in another town not in his catchment area but he walked me through some basic checks. Where two fan/motors running (yes)? Was the freezer blowing cold air into the fridge (no)? Was there a build up of ice (yes)? Randy provided free advice with no option of getting a repair out of the deal. Wow was I impressed. After researching part numbers for our fridge we decided to order a Defrost Heater and Thermostat Assembly part which Randy confirmed was likely the part that was fix the problem. I placed the order at 5:40pm and was told it would probably arrive the day after next. Arlene, Randy's wife, called back at 6pm and told me we might have made the shipment for next day. We called the next day first thing in the morning and spoke to Arlene and received the tracking number and was able to confirm the part was out for delivery. The part arrived mid day. So it was less than 24 hours and the part was swapped and the fridge back and running. Dealing with Randy and Arlene is customer friendly and easy. It makes a big difference when stressed to pick up the phone and dial a number and talk to a person who immediately handles the problem and helps you move onto the next step to resolution. Thanks Randy and Arlene.

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