We spent some time finding the most appropriate flooring The Floor Shop had a great selection and were very helpful in finding us exactly the right product. They loaned us samples for a few days to watch the effect of the changing light. When we were ready to proceed they were flexible in timing the installation to fit with the cabinet workers progress. The flooring installers had spent many years with the company. They did precise work efficiently and cheerfully negotiated the complex layout of the cabinetry. While there is necessarily some dust from cutting the wood, the crew kept it to a minimum andswpt and vaccumed as the project continued It was a pleasure to have them in the condo. We are very happy with the result and admire the quality and precision of the work. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Floor Shop, this is the second condo they have worked on for us and both projects were completed on time and exactly as promised. Roger Harris

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