This review is long overdue. We have used HomeStars in the past and have had some (not all) bad experiences with the vendors we have chosen to work with but Mark has restored my faith. He's checked all the boxes on what we are looking for... * Professional * Personable * Over communicates and readily available to patiently answer our questions * Doesn't overpromise and realistic on what can and cannot be done. It's not hard to find people to design but what seems to be rare is customer service / customer relations. My husband and I felt reassured by Mark's suggestions and quality of work. We WILL be working with Mark again in the near future and have recommended him to our family and friends. Thank you Mark for your services and putting our mind at ease.

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WOW! Julie your are welcome. You and Mark are(and were) beautiful humans to work with. I am grateful for the opportunity you both gave me to work on this project. I love that I get to contribute to your lives in a meaningful way by helping design the renovation of your dreams and then help lay out the next exciting steps for you both to take as this project becomes a new reality for your whole family to grow with and enjoy.


We are reasonable people and we did our homework when sourcing new windows. We gathered 6 quotes from HomeStars and ultimately went with Vinyl Light Windows & Doors. * Not the cheapest nor the most expensive * Decision was made due to quick response via email, sales rep came to home in a timely manner, seemed likeable and had what we needed * Was told since these were custom windows it would take about 6 weeks – no problem Received an email day out of the blue that the custom windows were ready to install and they were arriving on August 23rd between 10 – 11am 1st flag – no option to work out a date Had to take a day off to accommodate the weekday installation – fine, no problem DAY OF INSTALLATION – August 23rd w/ Installer (who ultimately got fired) * Patio door was delivered with paint scratched off in various places * Noted the caulking – not very clean and only did the sides of the windows, not the top or bottom, and missed one window completely * Explained this to installers and was promptly told to talk to Roman, thus call and tried to leave a message for Roman – but voicemail full * Roman called back and we explained the situation * Offered to have the installers come back to rectify – had to work out time and we were reasonable that it didn’t have to be overnight WEEKS LATER... * 2nd flag - Did not hear back with Roman on status of installers * Had to call back – again vm full * When we eventually connected with Roman, we settled on a new date in September. * Installers didn’t show up, no call from either the installers – wasted day * While checking the surveillance cameras, found out the installers came to our home without invitation, trespassed since gates were locked and had to jump the fence. * In the process, stood on our shed to fix one of the windows and cracked the roof of the shed – see attached image Roman didn’t know they were there earlier in the week thus both parties are NOT talking to each other. * Persistent emails were exchanged and apologies to rectify the situation * Promise to make another date, get the separate party to look at the window and touch up the paint as well as to rectify the caulking (specifically what was missed) MID SEPTEMBER * Separate party came promptly at 9am and fixed the paint scratches and left paint for future touch ups. He looked at all the windows installed and also noted the caulking was done terribly and needed to be rectified Explained that defective window extension is to be replaced with a new window extension and the process to be initiated by Roman Roman’s installers (new crew this time) came and a no show from Roman who promised to be there – They were not briefed with all the issues, they were only told to fix the cracked roof of the shed They also looked at all the windows and noted the very poor work of the caulking . They also stated “what a waste of material’ that flashing needs to be redone, then resealed They were happy to come back and fix the caulking (with the right colour match) and the crack in the shed saying the roof piece would need to be replaced. They also would inform Roman of this visit EARLY OCTOBER * Had to email Roman with a list of what needed to be done and to be done right away and an ask that Roman be present to see the work is done properly. A heated call took place as if he was the victim and with not much of an apology. END OF OCTOBER * Work was completed - complete tear down and re-install the windows with new siding and caulking - the job was that bad. Also a no show (surprise) from Roman. Bottom line - customer is NOT always right and we are reasonable people. You can get windows from anyone selling but it's really down to the customer service that separates the good from the bad - thus a 0 rating Appreciate the spin job response Roman - wouldn't expect anything less from you.

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Thank you for your review. Not sure that your rating is reasonable with the job completed as we agreed upon. I feel that 0 deserves only a project that was not done at all, 0 work = 0 points, but I'm not arguing with your opinion. It's a pity as I did put in extra effort into this project and you have all the emails, texts, phone calls, suggestions and solutions we exchanged to prove that.
I would like to comment to your points:
For the installation I booked the first available day which you confirmed without asking to change. After the installation, when I believe your husband noticed the missing caulking,
I coordinated with your schedule for the specific timing you were available at. On Saturday morning when the installer did not show up, I gave you a new date on Monday.
On that day he told me that he wanted to do a better thing seeing you earlier, called and knocked and decided to caulk without your presence, that was not acceptable and the disciplinary actions were taken. You later decided that caulking job at some places could be done better (I think "terrible" you'd see right away without 2nd opinion) and we agreed to change it and on top of that WE suggested to replace the capping to leave the perfect result.
I always keep my word and by "we" come back to fix I meant our crew, not me personally, I explained you that, but as you can see the miscommunication were happen from "1st flag".
You demanded a different crew, not the original installer and my presence for the whole duration and there was no reasoning with that even when I said I was not available.
The windows were not reinstalled, only capping and caulking replaced and not because the job was "that bad", but because it could be done better, better to our standards,
your original concern was only missing caulking and paint touch up.
I hope my comments cleared out a situation a little.
Our goal of every project is customer's satisfaction and I'm disappointed that it looks like you are not. Let me know if there is anything else that we can do,
but the monetary compensation to your request, as this job is fully completed and we still stand behind it with our lifetime warranty.