My husband and I had finally decided to move from our house to a Condo, but after 40 years of living in our home we had no idea where to begin. That is where Clare of “ THE NEXT STEP FORWARD “ came in. Clare decluttered and prepared our home, so we could put it on the market. Once it was sold Clare helped us decide what to keep, donate, sell, and dispose of. As an added Bonus, she sold items we no longer wanted on Maxsold. It was a great experience! Clare’s assistance did not stop there as she packed us up, hired Movers and managed our move from start to finish! We could not have done it without her! It was a stress free and enjoyable experience. I Highly recommend using her services for All stages of your downsizing and moving. It was worth every penny! Thank you so much Clare. Betty M

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It was a pleasure Betty! Thank you!