Our experience with Binford Contracting was awful. Brian: Owner/Manager, acted in capacity of both General Contractor and also personally completed some of the construction work. General Construction: Incorrect placement of skylight boxes (rafter relative to joist) resulted in obtuse angle kink within skylight shaft. Despite Brian’s original insistence that this is how he does all his skylights; after much discussion (and viewing of photos on Google), the skylight boxes were reframed to ensure the shaft was straight. This resulted in additional delay and cost as the holes cut into the roof deck had to be enlarged and new custom skylights ordered. General Contractor: Renovation took ~4 times longer than estimated. While the renovation was in progress, Brian went on vacation. We had trades coming to our home asking for direction. Texts sent to Brian were not returned during this vacation period. Upon return from his holiday, Binford requested interim payment. This was accommodated despite the initial agreement that payment could be made in full at the conclusion of the entire job. Insulation work, completed under the direction of Binford, now impedes passive air flow ventilation. This has resulted in frost/ice accumulation on our attic deck and condensation related drywall damage. Independent professionals attribute this to improper application of insulation in the attic space. Rather than return to the client site to assess the situation, Brian’s email response speaks volumes: ‘if indeed the attic was over insulated, this will not be covered by Binford...’ Despite multiple requests, Binford was unwilling to honour the 2 year contractual warranty on workmanship. We are now left with significant remediation work, approximately 1 year, post-renovation.

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