I purchased 6 new higher end appliances at a discounted cost of approximately $20,000 but there were a couple not in stock and so when they became avasilable and were sent they didn't fit. This is because when CAS does an order and has missing stock they close it and when the out of stock items come in they have no reference as to what I have and so cannot let me know that they are not compatible and that I will have then spend an additional $700 to install, uninstall and re-install due to their error. That being said, they do try their utmost to get you the best of what you need at your price point but one hand doesn't know what the other is doing as the communication is nil. In conclusion, I have not had the use of my main Appliance since October due to the missing parts and/or the technician going on vacation for the past 3 weeks. Oops!

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