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We found the product we wanted was only carried by one local supplier. They seemed friendly and knowledgeable. We made an appointment for an in home quote provided by George. He said that they would have to raise up the bottom of the existing fireplace with cement but aside from that it would be an easy install. The installer arrived and proceeded to lay down some bricks upon which he put a very small shelf of cement board that the insert would sit on but only just. I asked about the cement and he told me it would take too much time and this was better. (The place collects dust and small toys. It is not better.) When everything was together he gave me a quick tutorial on how things worked. The decorative gill tipped over a couple times during this and I asked if it was supposed to connect to the front of the unit. He said no. Recently I went to clean around the unit and the grill tipped over again. I checked the parts thinking it should connect. I got out the installation manual and found that in fact it did connect. I then went to take the glass off to clean and turned off pilot light and wanted to turn the gas supply off to but found the supply shut off didn’t turn to the off position. I attempted to call and got voicemail indicating business hours and to leave a message for George. I really wanted to ask about this before my children came home so I called back to speak to whoever was available and George answered the phone. He thought it may be an emergency because my number came up twice. When I explained why I had called he said he didn’t see why I should have to turn the gas off for cleaning. I said that should I need to turn the gas off though I should be able to and I thought this was there for safety. He said it wasn’t an emergency and that they were closed for inventory. He told me he would check his messages when they were open again and get back to me then. I felt as if he was annoyed that I bothered them about this. I wouldn’t have called back had I known they were closed but that was not mentioned on their voicemail. I am very unhappy with my overall experience and feel that after my initial purchase I no longer mattered as a customer. Lastly, aside from finalizing payment, the company never once contacted me regarding my experience, my satisfaction, or about any required (or suggested) service for our purchase.

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we contacted LORMAC because we had a very ulgly leaky front door. We had used LORMAC for some windows before and had found them ok to deal with in the past. also when we had an issue they sent out someone right away. This time we orderd thru Dave the salesman and he was very helpful. after the 5 week estimate dilivary date laps I called and a nice lady at reception looked up our order, it hadn't been shipped but there was a truck coming. She called and confirmed our order was on the truck and contacted us to set up installation prior to Christmas. The installer was Very nice and did an absolutly beautiful job. He was also patient with all my questions as he worked. All and all we are very happy. Thanks LORMAC.

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We truly appreciate your letter of recommendation to Lormac. Without you and your support for our company we would not have won the “Best of 2011 in South Western Ontario” in the category of Windows and Doors. We truly thank you.

Very best regards,
The Staff of Lormac Inc.