Chris was recommended by our engineer JP Campana. Great guys. Truly. JP was awesome if you need an engineer. Chris was awesome as a GC and as a guide through the process. Chris is a gentleman and he constantly keeps you in the loop which most will say is the biggest issue with GC's and contractors in general. Chris has a great team of tradespeople that are professional and always arrive early not late. How many times have you heard that trades arrive late or not at all? Seriously people, this is NOT an issue with Chris and his team. Great group of true gentlemen who are very good at what they do and want to get the job done. Frankly we were the ones holding up the job as we took time to make decisions and this held us up. If Chris had his way, we would have been done the project in record time. If you want a job done well, professionally, with constant communication, on time and budget, Chris is your best friend. He is supreme. Creme de la creme. No regrets here. Chris is reliable, responsible, and communication is constant. Highly recommended. No hesitation in recommending.

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