Got a great deal on a project for Tiles and for the materials needed. They usually have a promotion for 50% off if you pay by cash or debit and 40% off if you pay by credit card. Only thing to be wary of is that you need to check the merchandise to see if they gave you the correct amount. If they give you less than the amount you ordered and you leave the store, they won't make up for what they didn't give you. That's one policy that I find isn't good.

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This Wal-Mart store has very good customer service and a very good return policy. If you are not satisfied with the purchase for any reason, they will return your purchase usually within 30 days as long as the item is in the original condition. They also seem to have a lot of stock for on sale items compared to other locations. Very satisfied with this location.

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I came in with a cracked windshield and breaks needing work, and I left within an hour with everything top notch. They repair windshields very fast if the cracks are small and fill them with a fluid that fixes the cracks before they get worse. Very good service

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