I've just had the WORST experience buying furniture from Moe's. After buying well over $1K of furniture at Moe's, I was disgusted when faced with their after-sales customer service. The short story is: I received a table that was damaged. I discovered the damage when cleaning up shortly after their delivery people left. We are talking minutes. I actually contemplated running after the delivery people, but decided I was better off calling the store directly. So, I immediately called the store, and they asked that I take a photo and email them. I did. They decided, on looking at the photo, that I had caused the damage, and they refused any refund or exchange of the item. They basically called me a fraud, and accused me of wanting a "free table". At no time did I ask that the table be discounted. All I asked was that the damaged table be replaced. At any other retail store, this would be a very simple exchange. Instead, they repeatedly accused me of causing the damage, which is an absolutely outrageous accusation. Had I dropped or knocked over the table - or done anything at all to cause the damage - I would have accepted that it was my fault, and turned the damaged side to the wall to hide it. As I *didn't* cause the damage, I asked that the damaged item be replaced. Apparently, that was too much too much to ask for. Customer service from the "manager" was rude and unprofessional. I will NEVER purchase from this store again. I am so incensed by their combative and accusatory behaviour that I am finding every review site possible to post my experience and warn others to STAY AWAY.

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